Out with the Old, In with the New

So as you know by now, I had an auto accident in early May. My Nissan ended up being totaled out in the end after a long
delay from the Insurance company. This, of course, kind of sucked. I was without a car now that they had decided to
pay out the value of my Nissan and had to return the rental. That was when the rental company informed me that they
sell their rental cars! Better yet, the person on the phone even said they had a car that I’d long desired: the
Hyundai Veloster! I was thrilled! I test drove it that weekend and loved it!

Of course, this was just the base model. It lacked a lot of the power that the Turbo series has. A good 63 horsies
to be precise. I couldn’t readily tell you the difference until the very next weekend in which I got to test drive
a ‘14 Veloster Turbo R-Spec. Not only that but I got to learn how to drive stick for the first time in my life. Having
long wanted to but lacking anything suitable to practice on (or anything, really), I simply never got the chance to
experience it. Fortunately the person at the dealership was happy to teach me how to drive and let me stall repeatedly
because boy, did I mention I’d never driven stick before?

I fell in love with it. It’s a sleek, deep blue with black and red leather interior (probably my only nitpick about it),
6-speed manual with 201 HP coming out of that little 1.6L I4. Taking off with it (when I manage to do it correctly)
feels absolutely amazing!







Just a small update for me to gush! I’m super excited to drive it and work on it!
I actually feel like a kid again with his first car and everything, it’s crazy!

See you around!