I had my first big interview with a real game company last week! I was super nervous but super excited about it! Unfortunately,
the news came today that they’ve decided not to move forward with me at this time but that the door’s open for me to
try again in the future.

It’s a little saddening, but I’ve decided not to let it get to me. I got some excellent feedback and insight into how
I can improve in the future and I plan on putting my nose to the grindstone and really working on it.

On a happier note! Wesley Paquette and I have decided to team up (unofficially for now)
and work on a game of our own! They’re super talented and I’ve been wanting to work with them for awhile, but lacked
proper motivation and that was on me. Fortunately, they’re awesome and decided to give me another shot! So we’re going to
spend the summer making a short and sweet game as something to add to both of our portfolios. More info on that to come!

So sort of a shorter post today, but I wanted to get a couple things off my chest before heading to ECGC next week. Also
starting this weekend, I’ll be converting my AI Demos into C++ as the first steps in my practice, so look foward to posts
covering that!